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Main products for environmental application

Magnesium hydroxide slurry for flue gas desulfurization and acidic water treatment Highly reactive calcium hydroxide for waste incinerators "New Calbreed" "Calbreed SII" Special adsorbent anti Dioxins and Furans for waste incinerators "Sorbalit" Improving agents for water and bottom sediment "Clear Water" Dust-free quick and slaked lime for soil treatment in civil engineering

Main products for advanced technologies

Specialties magnesia for electronics "High purity & Ultra fine single crystal magnesia" Specialties calcium-based product for electronics and other advanced applications "Ultra high purity Calcium Carbonate and derivatives(CS, CSQ, CSH)" Specialties apatite for artificial tooth roots,bones and joints "High purity hydroxyapatite crystalline"

Main functional products

Magnesium oxysulfate whisker for plastics(especially PP),paper,gaskets,friction matetials and thickeners for paint and adhesives etc "MOS-HIGE®"

Polymerization stabilizer "Calcium Phosphate"