Ube Material Industries,Ltd.

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The Outline

Trade Name Ube Material Industries, Ltd.
Head Office
8-1 Aioi-Chou,Ube-City, Yamaguchi 755-0043 Japan
Capital 4,047 million yen
Fiscal Term March 31
Net sales 44,167 million yen(As of March 31, 2016)
38,968 million yen(As of March 31, 2015)
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Principal Business Lines

1.Manufacture, processing, sales of the following products


Magnesia clinker and other refractory raw materials


Calcia and other ceramic materials


Magnesium and Calcium based chemical products


Electronic and optical materials


Resin reinforcing materials


Fine ceramics and other composite materials




Food additives


Soil stabilizers


Material for civil engineering work and construction, housing construction, and agriculture and gardening


Desulfurizer, dechlorinizer and neutralizer of flue gas and sewerage


Improving agents of water and bottom sediments

2.Purchasing and sales of cosmetic goods, daily commodity

3.Logistics business