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 Ube Material Industries, Ltd., a member of the Ube Industries Group, is a manufacturer of special inorganic materials headquartered in Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Using as a raw material the limestone abundantly produced in Mine City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, we manufacture calcia-related products such as quicklime (calcia oxide) and slaked lime (calcium hydroxide). Also, by using quicklime as a raw material, we extract magnesium from seawater, and produce magnesia-related products such as magnesium hydroxide and magnesia clinker (a refractory raw material).
 In addition, the products of our Fine chemicals, realized through our proprietary technologies (e.g., for high-purity and ultra-fine particles) using calcia and magnesia as raw materials, are employed in areas such as electronic materials, optical glass applications, food additives and resin fillers, as well as finding work in Japan’s cutting-edge industries. Also, as an approach unique to our company, we are expanding our healthcare business into toothpaste, bath additives, cosmetics, etc.
Through these businesses, we hope to be of service in promoting people’s happiness and the development of society.
 To that end, we adhere to the three C’s―Creation, Cooperation, and Challenge―as our guidelines for action, and our entire staff works as one team, pushing forward to realize original technology, harmonious coexistence with society, and a mindset of taking up challenges.
 We hope we can count on even greater support from you in the future.